TMA acts in several areas of Public Law with a team including lawyers who have extensive experience, consolidated by specific training and a continuing effort to update skills honed by their involvement in numerous cases and projects.
Such projects include public procurement, licensing and planning procedures and provision of support to Central and Local Government in its decision-making processes.

TMA represents and works with public entities such as government bodies, city councils and other local authorities and state-owned corporations. We also with individuals and companies with relevant positions in public procurement, public works, building and real estate development, with undertakings in the areas of tourism, commerce, health, urban planning and architecture, exploration of natural resources, distribution of fuel and real estate investment funds.

In General Administrative Law, TMA provides services in the following areas:

  • Public Procurement, especially in the areas of public works contracts, purchase of goods and service, purchase of defence equipment and concessions, by acting for the relevant public bodies and also for the competing corporations and the successful bidder;
  • Public Bodies Civil Liability;
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders and Establishment of Easements;
  • Public Domain – concession to explore and license for private use, namely mineral and water resources;
  • Employment Law matters relating to Public Servants.